• Keshia Sophia

Hot Girl Phrases: Slow Living Lessons from The TikTok Generation

Being a hot girl is in but not in the way you think.

According to generation TikTok, to be a hot girl in 2021 is to be unapologetically yourself. Preoccupied as they may be about Millennials’ flagrant disregard for middle partings and refusal to relive the trauma of low-rise jeans, Gen Z are hell bent on redefining what it means to be attractive today. And it’s rather inspiring.

Hotness today is less about pleasing aesthetics and more about pleasing yourself. Solid boundaries, active self-work, assertiveness, confidence, and getting things done. Hot girl still involves stripping down but only that which does not serve you.

Boundaries are the must-have accessory, and people pleasing is officially cancelled.

So, while we learn some #hotgirlphrases to get us hot girl summer ready, we are listing our top Gen Z phrases that can transform your life for the better.

1) Love That for You

A heartfelt show of support or a subtle toss of shade depending on the tone. Love that for you is a celebration of a person’s actions kept tightly focused on them. There is no shared ownership here. No claim to the moves someone else is making or a hint that you may encroach. Love that for you is a praise of something only insofar as what it serves another.

How to Apply it

A close friend embarking on a solo back-packing trip across Asia may not have the same appeal to you nor should it have to. But you love that it’s hers and better yet that she is pursuing it with passion. There is no FOMO (fear of missing out) mentality to be had here. Comparison is a thief of joy but support is a gift. Use also here for it

2) Do Better

There is always room for improvement. No one feels this more acutely than people-pleasing millennials. But from the mouth of an irate TikTok user, do better is a chastising

demand to raise yourself higher. It’s a cutting form of accountability reserved for the more deplorable acts of social behaviour. But it’s a useful phrase when we call out our own negative self-talk and destructive patterns.

How to Apply it

Do better is not a tool to self-deprecate, it is a demand to adjust less than helpful behaviours that do not serve. Doing better is a key aspect of Slow Living mentality. It not only improves your life, it enriches those around you.

3) I Can’t Talk Right Now, I’m Doing Hot Girl S**T

If being a hot girl in the 2020s is to be unapologetically you, then doing Hot Girl S**T is embracing things that make you feel your best self. We can thank Megan Thee Stallion for this TikTok version of a rallying empowerment call.

How to Apply it

Working out, cooking food, reading a book, or just taking a nap, Doing Hot Girl S**t is a celebration of the everyday moments that make you feel good. Feeling hot is not an aesthetic to attain, it is a mentality achieved only through self-care. Confidence comes only from what you give yourself, not from any amount of external validation or physical transformation.

Better yet, it is sustainable.

4) Tell Me Without Actually Telling Me

More a trend than a phrase, Tell Me Without Telling Me is an invitation to show a personality trait, quirk, or habit without explicitly saying so. It’s an invitation to demonstrate what you are about without explanation or context.

How to Apply it

There is plenty of science-backed research as to why declaring goals often hinders actual progress.Tell Me Without Actually Telling Me is a prompt for authenticity and a useful mentality to carry into daily life. Don’t just tell people about your ambitions, plans, or qualities. Show them.

5) Thank You, Next

A phrase no longer reserved for exes, Thank You, Next embodies a surrender of things that hold you back or weigh you down. Thanks to Ariana Grande's stature in the Gen Z community, it is considered a mature and dignified action. Essentially it is letting go with gratitude for the time served.

How to Apply It

Regrets serve no-one. Even the most toxic situations contain gems of wisdom. Adopting a Thank You, Next mentality allows you to let go with detachment and grace. But it also opens the door for future possibilities safe in the knowledge that you always have the option to move on.


A personal favourite, Joy of Missing Out embraces skipping social demands and prioritising your needs. It is the hallmark of a Slow Living mentality: taking the time to return to the self.

JOMO is no longer just a sentiment shared by introverts; it is an accepted response to fast-paced living. Burn out is a significant reality. Taking the time to step back and reevaluate your needs is the cure.

How to Apply it

Don’t just reserve JOMO for social engagements, use it across any societal pressure you feel obligated to – graduations, traveling, marriage, even babies. Missing out on specific milestones that have long been revered can be a great thing if it means finding your true joy.

TikTok is a haven for sharing wisdom, taking accountability, and stitching with content that best serves you. For an app that can steal an entire hour of your day in the flick of a thumb, TikTok has no time for clean aesthetics and filtered thoughts. It is a space for vulnerability, asserting priorities, and manifesting boundaries.

TikTok can be a useful reserve for reminding yourself to take time out for you. And there is no time on TikTok like the present.

So get doing some hot girl s**t. We love that for you.